Pack Like a Pro with Snowboard Bags from The-House

Get your boards from A to Z without risking damage with a snowboard bag from The House. Each bag is made with durable fabric blends to ensure protection in transit. From simple designs to more sophisticated, functional options, we have what you need to transport your gear. We have all the brands you trust like Burton, Chamonix and Dakine. Stash your deck, store your bindings, pack your outerwear, and get shredding!

Size: 166cm
$39.95 39.95 $60.00 (33% Off)
Size: 166cm
$84.95 84.95 $130.00 (35% Off)

Size: 165cm
$24.95 24.95 $40.00 (38% Off)
Size: 157cm, 165cm, 175cm
From: $66.95 66.95 $95.00 (30% Off)

Size: 146cm, 156cm, 166cm, 181cm
179.95 $179.95
Size: 146cm, 156cm, 166cm, 181cm
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Size: 165cm
From: $43.95 43.95 $55.00 (20% Off)
Size: 165cm, 175cm
From: $157.50 157.50 $230.00 (25% Off)

Size: 156cm, 166cm, 181cm
314.95 $314.95
Size: 146cm, 156cm, 166cm, 181cm
124.95 $124.95

Size: 146cm, 156cm, 166cm, 181cm
From: $45.95 45.95 $69.95 (29% Off)
Size: 165cm
$152.95 152.95 $189.95 (19% Off)

Size: 157cm, 172cm
39.95 $39.95
Size: 156cm, 166cm, 181cm
284.95 $284.95

Size: 165cm
$112.95 112.95 $149.95 (25% Off)
Size: 157cm, 172cm
69.95 $69.95

Size: 160cm
70.00 $70.00

Size: 158cm, 168cm
99.95 $99.95
Size: 158cm, 168cm
59.95 $59.95

Size: 172cm
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Size: 165cm
199.95 $199.95
Size: 155cm
149.95 $149.95

Size: 175cm
189.95 $189.95
Size: 175cm
79.95 $79.95

Size: 160cm
79.95 $79.95
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Whether you're shedding tears as you store your snowboarding gear for the season or excitedly packing for your next trip out west, having a quality bag makes all the difference. Packing your entire setup away for the offseason into one solid pack can help ensure that nothing gets misplaced when you're not using it. Gathering up all the gear, accessories, and outfits you'll need to travel in one spot is the easiest way not only to get from A to B but also to ensure your snowboard and bindings aren't damaged in transit!

By packing all of your extra snowboarding clothing, boots, helmet, and more into your bag with your snowboard set up, you'll not only stay organized, but you'll also benefit from the additional padding and protection! If you're planning on trudging through an airport with your snowboard bag, consider choosing an option with wheels - you will NOT regret it, and your shoulders will thank you. Also, if you're spending the time and money to get to an amazing mountain, think about whether or not you'd like the ability to pack an extra board in your snowboard bag - with perfect pow, you might just want your powder board along.

Add this content: Figuring out which snowboard bag will best protect your gear during air travel can be a daunting test, while many will offer protection, some styles are better suited for airports and luggage racks! Find out "How to Choose the Best Snowboard Bag for Air Travel" and feel confident that your gear will arrive at your mountainside destination in perfect condition.

We offer a variety of snowboard bags to choose from brands you know and love, such as Chamonix, Rossignol, Dakine, Nitro, Jones, DC, Quiksilver, and many more!