Beach Cruiser Bikes

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Shop beach cruiser bikes from The House for a casual ride that lets you feel the tide. Drive along the beach and watch the sunset or cruise through town on a warm summer day. These bikes are designed with stylish geometry. They are as cool as they are comfortable.

Wider seats leave more comfy seating for a gentle ride. The handlebars extend further back so you don’t need to bend as far forward. Each of these beach cruisers is designed with an aluminum or steel frame so it provides you reliable support.

Durable hardware keeps you riding all-season, while alloy wheels keep you smooth. We sell from brands like Framed, Schwinn, Fuji and many more. At The House, remember that you are always riding the best. So next time you’re headed off to some sandy shores, take one of these beach cruiser bikes with you.

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Our cruiser bikes are the best! We've got Breezer, Fuji and SE cruiser bikes to take you from point A to point B in style and comfort. Excluding a few models of bikes, they all come with gearshifts, normal hand-brakes, and comfortable handlebars. Some of our cruiser bikes include water bottle mounts, so you can have water on the go for when you're cycling. We have a variety of frames and wheels for our cruiser bikes that will surely fit your needs, whatever they may be. So don't be shy, come take a look today, because wherever it may be, on the road or the bike trails, people will look on in envy as you ride by with your bike from The House, ensuring that they know that you know what quality really is!