Giro Ski & Snowboard Helmets

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Giro Ski & Snowboard Helmets will blast outta here with the speed of a bullet from Put some hard shell between your skull and the cold hard terrain. The Giro Ski & Snowboard Helmets have proven time and time again to be exceptional, durable and dependable helmets., keeping the stoke alive since 1982.

One of the most effective means of preventing and reducing the severity of potential head injuries on the slopes is by ensuring that you strap on a solid ski and snowboard helmet.

As a skier or snowboarder, a helmet is a must. If you find yourself on difficult runs, in the backcountry, or riding in the park, having a top-quality helmet is important. Giro offers some of the best protection on the market, frequently integrating MIPS technology, size adjustment features, and a snug fit.

When you find a Giro ski and snowboard helmet you love, consider recruiting a friend to help you measure your head to achieve the best fit. Once you receive it, try it on with your Giro snow goggles to ensure a seamless fit. Consider a few things to make sure it will protect you when you shake your head, the helmet shouldn't move, and consult a fit guide if you're questioning.