Shake Up Your Summer with Kneeboards.

Kneeboards from The House offer fun for the whole family and are a great way to get kids out on the lake! Browse a variety of kneeboards from name brands such as Connelly, O’Brien, and more. Some models include straps that adjust easily for staying secure, especially while trying stunts. Other include a handle hook which makes getting up easier. Whether you’re looking for a kneeboard to use for fun or something more extreme, our selection includes various shape and fin styles so that you can find the perfect one. Each of these boards features a kneepad that ensures your knees will stay comfortable during your ride. Grab a kneeboard today and get out on the lake as soon as possible.

Kneeboards from The House are a great way to get out on the lake this summer! Looking for something a bit more laid back than wakeboarding or waterskiing? Kneeboards are a great option. This towable is great for the whole family and whoever else you invite on your boat, because the learning curve is just that much easier. For experienced kneeboarders, we carry high end models for tricks and more aggressive riding!

You'll find kneeboard brands you know and love, like HO, Radar, and more, with comfortable padding to help you stay out on the water for as long as your heart desires - and your knees allow. So pack the cooler and get out on the water, you've got memories to make!