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Shop mountain bikes from The-House bike shop for a ride that lets you explore the unexplored. These off-road bikes can be fitted with wide tires and have a stronger tread to give you a better grip on loose terrain, making it easier for sharp turns and sudden stops. These full-suspension mountain bikes are made to handle intense impact and bumpy terrain without rattling apart. We carry brands you know and love such as Framed, Fuji, GT, and more, so you can be confident that you’re riding the best of the best. Whether you’re an experienced mountain biker or just getting started, we have what you need.

The House has got the mountain bike for you! From Fuji to GT we've got tons of mountain bike options! For kids, adults, and in-betweens, we carry the mountain bike you need. The Fuji bike line has a more modern look that is popular with a lot of people. GT features an edgy gritty feel to its bikes that makes bikers know just how serious business is. Whatever brand you’re into, you can trust that we carry a bike for whatever your mood is! Browse through other brands like Breezer and Piranha. We also have a number of accessories ranging from racks to water bottles to speedometers and GPSs for your mountain bikes, so you can push your performance to its peak!