Skateboard Trucks

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A HUGE selection of Skateboard Trucks! Grind away with trucks from Element, Independent, Royal and more. With how much you could save at The House, you won't have to worry anymore. Orders are shipped within 24 hours of purchase, Monday-Friday. We have 30 years of experience, providing you the best prices, selection, and service.

Make sure you have a quality set of skateboard trucks for your skateboard! Not only do they keep your deck and wheels together, they help you turn, cruise, and grind. Depending on the trucks you choose and the weight adjustment, you can have tight or loose trucks, whatever your preference, but not all are created equal. Depending on your board and your skating style, you'll want to select the appropriate size for your set-up. Along with trucks, you'll need a skateboard, wheels, hardware, bearings, grip tape, risers, and more depending on preference. Be sure you have everything you need to get started skating by shopping at The House!