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Salomon, not to be confused with Mushmouth's favorite fish, is a French sports equipment brand that's been releasing quality gear and apparel since the 1940s. That's probably when deodorant went out of style in Frankville, but this isn't the place for such digressions. It's a place to speak about the unrivaled quality of Salomon ski bags. On par with the nation's wines and cheeses, Salomon's sporting equipment is some of the best on the planet, and the brand proves this time and again with each new piece to fly off the line.

Being a large, established and respected brand benefits the everyday customer by adding a lot of variety. If you want a bag that's all about the skis and poles and nothing else, Salomon has a selection that will offer plenty of protection in a sleek, stylish carry bag. Though if you want something more rugged that can handle your skis, wax, bindings, and perhaps even a few ugly argyle sweaters from the Grandmas 'R Us collection, you can find that too.

With unparalleled craftsmanship, a lot of style and pizzazz, and no recognizable odor, Salomon ski bags are great for any skier carrying any type of ski equipment.