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It’s been a mere 51 years since the K2 Corporation was created in 1962, not far from Seattle, Washington, on Vashon Island in the state’s scenic Puget Sound. While K2’s founders likely had big dreams for their company, they couldn’t have seen just how far it would go, nor could they have guessed their company would become one of the world’s finest makers of skis.

Since the company’s founding, K2 has become a leader, and a large reason for that can be seen in the sheer excellence of K2 ski packages, which include everything today’s skiers need for performance and skill, whether they’re a novice or a World Cup and Olympic champion like Phil Mahre. Thanks to the innovation and dedication of K2’s designers and engineers, skiers searching for excellence have access to the best ski packages.

K2 has been innovating since the day the company was established in 1962. In fact, they first introduced their ground-breaking fiberglass skis to the sporting world. Almost instantly, these skis gained recognition for their lightweight liveliness, which greatly surpassed that of the wooden and metal skis commonly found at the time. But that wasn’t enough for K2; they’ve never stopped turning ideas into amazing products. Their boots, bindings, poles and other accessories found in K2 ski packages continue to increase skiers’ ability. They know skis aren’t all there is to skiing, and that even the lightest skis beneath a person’s feet won’t make magic if they’re not wearing an equally innovative, lightweight, comfortable boot and binding that’s properly secured to offer stability, breathability and control. Combined with K2 poles, goggles, gloves, and other necessities, K2 offers a full range of ski packages to make any beginner feel like a pro.

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