Women's Skiing Essentials

Women’s skis from The House will get you out onto the slopes and into the fresh air. Browse a variety of options from name brands such as K2, Rossignol, Salomon. Our high quality selection can cater to any skier, whether you’re advanced or a beginner. Styles vary in shape, base, and rocker type, so we carry something for everyone. Shop boots and bindings to go with your new pair of women's skis, along with poles, helmets, and other apparel and accessories to be sure that you’re geared up for your next trip. With plenty of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect pair of skis just in time for the winter!

Size: 172cm
$299.95 299.95 $749.99 (60% Off)
Size: 152cm, 160cm
$387.95 387.95 $700.00 (45% Off)

Size: 172cm
$331.45 331.45 $600.00 (45% Off)
Size: 144cm, 155cm
From: $349.95 349.95 $450.00 (22% Off)

Size: 156cm, 164cm, 172cm
From: $442.95 442.95 $600.00 (26% Off)
Size: 147cm, 153cm, 159cm, 165cm
$649.95 649.95 $780.00 (17% Off)

Size: 156cm, 164cm
$399.99 399.99 $500.00 (20% Off)
Size: 155cm, 162cm
629.00 $629.00

Size: 153cm, 159cm, 167cm, 174cm
$599.99 599.99 $725.00 (17% Off)
Size: 151cm, 159cm, 167cm
$499.99 499.99 $600.00 (17% Off)

Size: 153cm, 161cm, 169cm
$499.99 499.99 $600.00 (17% Off)
Size: 155cm, 162cm
699.00 $699.00

Size: 160cm, 167cm
$699.95 699.95 $800.00 (13% Off)
Size: 157cm, 164cm, 172cm
$599.95 599.95 $720.00 (17% Off)

Size: 149cm, 157cm, 165cm
From: $399.95 399.95 $480.00 (17% Off)
Size: 170cm
$599.95 599.95 $700.00 (14% Off)

Size: 162cm, 169cm
799.00 $799.00
Size: 154cm, 161cm, 168cm
$649.99 649.99 $800.00 (19% Off)

Size: 159cm, 165cm
$526.95 526.95 $679.00 (22% Off)
Size: 154cm, 161cm, 168cm
$599.99 599.99 $725.00 (17% Off)

Size: 156cm, 163cm, 170cm
$399.99 399.99 $500.00 (20% Off)
Size: 159cm, 167cm, 174cm
$699.99 699.99 $850.00 (18% Off)

Size: 152cm, 158cm, 164cm
From: $454.95 454.95 $529.00 (14% Off)
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If the explosion of winter sports has taught us anything, it's that women can ski just as furiously and fantastically if not better than the men can. Because of so many new ladies entering the sport and wanting to take up the activity, top manufacturers are starting to take womens skis more seriously. Big-name brands like Rossignol, Blizzard, K2, and Salomon, to name a few, offer quality skis with all the style and strength you need to dominate any slope or course.

Women's skis differ from men's in terms of size of weight, but never in strength and performance. These high-quality skis are available in a wide range of shapes, from twin tip to conventional, and you can find a rocker type to suit any needs. Whether you want a sport ski to slide around on or a freestyle ski to get your jumps on, there's a pair waiting for you.

In terms of quality, every skier’s after durability and quality construction. This is where you ladies truly have the run of the house. You can check out skis with sandwich construction, monocoque builds, wood cores, layered fiberglass, composite skis with plenty of flex, and much more.

The right pair of skis makes all the difference in the world when it comes to strutting your stuff out on the slopes. Take your time and shop around for something that's strong, flexible, durable, smooth and able to help you stand out. Check out our 2014, 2015, and 2016 womens skis.