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You trust them already to supply you with quality snowboards, bindings, outerwear, and so much more. So learn to trust them head to toe - you won't regret it, and top off your snowboarding ensemble with quality socks by Burton!

No matter where you are riding or what time of year, Burton has an option for you - and the whole family. If you find yourself more of a fair-weather rider, opt for the standard or lightweight socks. These will provide you with minimal warmth and moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable. For those of you who ride all season long, having a few midweight or heavyweight options of Burton socks will get you through the coldest days with deep snow.

Most often, when the weather, usually the cold, sends people into the chalet, it's usually the hands or feet. Burton socks will keep your toes and feet warm inside your boots, wicking moisture away all the while, so you can stay out as long as you'd like on the slopes. Only heading to the chalet for a well-earned beverage or bite.

Not only do socks from Burton provide an important performance-based purpose, but they also come in a great variety of stylish and fun designs and colorways! So find a pair that matches your set-up or maybe doesn't match at all, that's kind of the fun of socks.