SUP paddles from The House will help you glide confidently and with ease as you explore new waters. Shop from a variety of brands such as Bic, Epic Gear, Imagine, Jimmy Styks and more to find the perfect SUP paddle for keeping up with all your paddling endeavors. Many of these SUP paddles are easy to adjust to match your height, making them a great option for all members of the family. These SUP paddles feature blades made out of various materials such as plastic or glass, so whether you’re looking for something great for casual paddling or something for the more serious paddler, you are sure to find the perfect paddle for yourself or a loved one. Some of these SUP paddles even break down into multiple pieces so that you can store it and travel with it easily. Be sure to also check out the rest of our Paddle Board Shop to browse stand up paddleboards and paddleboard accessories so that you can be fully geared up for your next outing.