Mountain Hardwear

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Mountain Hardwear is a company forever searching for the next big challenge. From tents to sleeping bags, they've pioneer some of the most tech advanced products that inspire outdoor enthusiasts. Founded in 1993, they have produced some of the most innovative and carefully crafted products for those inspired to dream big and push limits. They employ athletes to test and retest their products in all types of conditions in order to ensure that their products are not only functional but the best and most innovative gear available.

Mountain Hardwear is a company forever searching for the next big challenge. Since its birth, this company has been dedicated to not only creating the best and most innovative products but also to inspire people to challenge themselves and dare to make their mark on this world. They sponsor extreme athletes to sport their gear as well as test it in some of the roughest conditions. A few examples are, Liv Sansoz, who has two world championships in climbing under her belt and Dakota Jones, who placed 1st in the San Juan Solstice 50 mile race along with high rankings in other 50-100 mile races. These athletes are some of the greatest in their sport and Mountain Hardwear chose them to test and improve their products. They are always looking to test their products and themselves to learn and challenge the status quo.

Mountain Hardwear has many inspired technologies that have led them to be one of the top go-to companies for outdoor gear. A few examples of Mountain Hardwear’s inspired technology include the first waterproof sleeping bag, partnering with Gore® to develop the world's first women's-specific WINDSTOPPER® fabrics, and revolutionizing our idea of waterproof/breathable with Incite™ fabric. "