Roxy has been designing and selling clothing for women who love surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding for 25 years. Initially started as a women's swimwear offshoot of Quiksilver, Roxy sells everything that women who love alternative sports need, including backpacks, longboards, t-shirts, jeans, sweater, and skirts. Roxy is known for their high quality as well as their unique sense of style that appeals to women alternative sports enthusiasts of all ages. They have helped to bring women's alternative sports gear and clothing to the masses.

Roxy Snowboard/Ski Clothing, Outwear

Roxy Footwear

As the popularity of outdoor sports and activities has continued to grow over the years, the need and markets have grown with them and no one has been more on the forefront of those growing and changing dynamics than Roxy. Back in 1990, when Quiksilver began to see the growing trend and often overlooked segment of women who enjoyed playing in the outdoors as much as men, Roxy was born. From its beginning as a swimwear line, Roxy's reputation grew thanks to their high quality materials and dependable products that didn't just look pretty but were functional. With bikinis made of a combination of nylon and spandex these suits let women look fashionable all while letting them get out and enjoy the water without feeling restricted. Continuing to focus on surfing, Roxy used real women surfers who know what features were needed to make an item useful, helpful and fun. Their women's board shorts helped skyrocket Roxy into a major women's outfitter and helped the company expand to providing the right balance of feminine and fun apparel for active women that like to play hard. Again using materials that can hold up to physical activity, these shorts let women feel free to explore all that the outdoors has to offer, finding adventure in comfortable clothing that won't hold them back but lets them expand their horizons. As snowboarding took off, Roxy kept pace understanding that flexible base layer tops and bottoms were a must to help keep boarders warm and dry. Roxy now offers up everything from boots, binding and boards for those looking to hit the slopes. Roxy continues to push forward with one goal in mind—outfitting women in dependable products that lets them stay feminine, fun, and confident in everything they do.