Volcom was founded in 1991 as a company that creates and designs clothing for young people who were fighting against the establishment. The company continues to create and design high quality clothing aimed at snowboarders and skateboarders, and focuses on a younger, youthful look and approach. They use artists, music, film, and athletes for their inspiration when creating their clothing.

Look stylish with Volcom! Volcom uses the best materials and incorporates them with trendy designs to provide comfort and functionality at the same time, all with you in mind. The well-designed and creative clothing designs allows your personality to shine no matter what time of the day. One great attribute to Volcom apparel is the thought that goes into their designs and clothing line. They have clothing options for almost any activity. Volcom even thought of rashguard undershirts to help prevent rashes and chafing while participating in your favorite activity. Volcom apparel produced awesome base layers for the next time you hit the slopes. The snowboarding jackets and pants are made with innovative materials that protect against the weather to keep you warm and dry all while looking great. Volcom apparel is so diverse you can wear it all year long. The board shorts are lightweight and great for lounging at the beach, surfing the waves, or just wearing around the house.